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We have a lot of new viewers, so I wanted to make a post about what you are getting yourself into when dealing with Haynes and Sons Guns.  Many moons ago I was a Line Corpsman with a Marine Corps Infantry Battalion.  In my down time I would wander down to the Armory and the Armorers would show me the ins and outs of working on then the M16A2.  This would go on to serve me well as I picked up a passion for working on and buying and selling guns during my time in as a hobby/ good way to make a few bucks.  Fast forward a decade or so, and we landed in Spokane after I was retired from the Navy.  I still had some knowledge of  guns so I began just picking up one here or there and would play with it a little then sell it.  My oldest was about 12 and I began to involve him.  Our passion was with AR15's and Glock's much as it is today.  We started taking the guns we built and worked on to the Spokane Gun show and would sell out of our meager inventory every show.  Fast forward a decade, we were building more AR's experimenting with different parts and accessories, and now colors and add on's, and people were happy with what we built.  Jeanette, my wife, talked me in to going to college, and she joined me.  This was an expense we were only partially ready for so we turned our extra time into building guns as a family.  Jeanette and the other 3 kids got involved in setting up for gunshow's and we were doing more and more business.  Then for no good reason at all Washington state decided to enact i594, and required that all transactions of firearms go through a licensed dealer.  We decided to give it a whack as we were raising up some student loans in college, at that time Jeanette and I were finishing our Masters degrees and already working in the Mental Health field.  We played with a few names, and like naming the kids, eventually Jeanette overruled me and we decided on "Haynes and Sons Guns".  One of my favorites was "The Boom Boom Room"; probably a pretty good thing Jeanette was in charge from the beginning.  

Bigger than naming the company we wanted early on to establish who we were and why we were in business.  We were obviously a family business, we now involved all four of our kids in the process, whether that was building, setting up for gun shows, advertising, or just maintaining a shop.  We decided early on we did not want to be a used car lot.  We had seen local gun stores that just focused on getting guns across the counter, with no regard to the person who was buying them.  We knew we could not match the volume of these stores, so we focussed on getting the right gun to the right person.  Our motto,; Personalized Firearms Service came from that need to properly arm everyone who came in our store.  Early on we saw some incredible things come from other stores.  We saw the "every new person should carry a revolver" and we saw a 50+ year old woman that went to a big box asking for something for personal protection and was sold a 12ga Shockwave shotgun.  We have have had people come in with guns they were afraid to shoot, and guns that were so uncomfortable to shoot they shot it once and never shot again.  We wanted to change this.  One thing that is not really known is we shoot most of our guns.  Not just me and my sons, but my daughter and my wife.  The reason we sell alternatives and guns like the Sig 238 and the Sig P320 series is that my wife and daughter love them, and are comfortable shooting them.  Often we will have one of them come talk to customers, and tell them of real experiences with their guns.  When we are sold out we have even encouraged customers to look on the internet or even local stores to find the right gun.  

We also started, from day one, offering Military discounts for Veterans and active duty, as well as Law Enforcement.  We hold dear our military heritage, as well as the respect we have for those that put their lives on the line day in and day out so we can be safe.  This has expanded to Firefighters, EMS, even ER nurses, Crisis workers, and 911 operators, and the spouses of each.  We hold to the values that each of these hold dear to their hearts, to serve others.  We also remembered what it was like when we were first starting out, and how hard it was to save even a few hundred dollars to pay for a gun that might not be on the priority list for a family of 6.  We started our Layaway program at the very beginning and to this day never charge fees or interest for using it.  We want people to bring home the firearms they want, and never settle for something they either won't enjoy, or won't use.  Day one our FFL transfers were $20, $10 for those that are eligible for discounts.  We have seen other stores raise their prices with the enactment of 594 as well as 1639, using what ever excuse was popular to justify the $45 and $65 charges that others charge.  We remain $20/$10 to this day

When we began we were literally a kitchen table FFL, we would set out half a dozen or so guns on the table and let people handle them.  One morning, about 6 am, I was sitting at the table with a couple guns and Jeanette came out for her morning coffee, she mumbled something under her breath and the next day she and my sons began converting the living room into the gun room it is today.  I learned never to get in between a woman an her coffee, even if you have a gun!

Almost 5 years later and here we are.  We still pride ourselves on getting the right gun to the right person, and it is not uncommon to unlock and let people test out half a dozen guns to find the one that fits them the best, has the right grip, has the desired trigger, and has sights that will work for that person.  We still stock a variety of brands even in our little shop.  We still love our Glocks, but will show Sigs, HK's, and even the occasional Smith and Wesson revolver.  We have recently returned to our roots and have began building custom Glocks again, a package that included upgrades to every part of the gun, and comes in at an affordable price point, and they have been very well received.  We have always used the same AR's for value and quality.  We still build with Bear Creek Arsenal barrels, because they work, and they are affordable, and because they have a lifetime guaranty, as well as a factory guaranty to shoot sub MOA (inch groups or better at 100yds).  We also sell some of our other favorites to include Rock River Arms, and Noveske.  Guns that over the years we have come to respect their quality as well as trust their reliability.  We have recently over the last year or so began building AR9's.  We first tested some on the market and found them incredibly unreliable, and the answer received from some of the dealers was "oh year, they are finicky".  We began testing and woking with different bolts, different buffer springs and weights, and have come up with a quality AR9 that has features you don't find  under the $1500-$2000 mark.  Come in and check one out today.  

Where we are today;  Jeanette and I graduated, and shortly following us were our 4 children and our daughters soon to be who lives with us.  We made all 5 a deal that if they stayed in school, we would fund their room and board as well as schooling, and they would repay us by helping with the store and get good grades.  This has paid off.  One son just graduated from a trade school, my youngest just turned 18 and with the help of the Running Start program, is set to finish his first two years in college and continue in pursuing his PhD in Psychology.  My daughter is finishing her bachelors in Social Work and we will find out this week if she has been accepted to the Advanced Standing Masters program at Boise State, the same clinical program I received my degree from just 6 years ago.   

This has all been made possible from the faithful customers and return guests we invite in our home on a daily basis.  We are very thankful for all that the business has provided for, and look forward to sharing our home with you in the future.  Please, if you have been here before, come on back, see what has changed.  If you haven't; schedule an appointment today and come share a cup of Veteran owned Black Rifle coffee and see what we have to offer.  We look forward to seeing you again and again.

Take Care,

Stay Vigilant,

God Bless the President,

Long live the Republic,

Haynes and Sons Guns


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Haynes and Sons Guns was awarded a Google Award for Excellence for being one of the top performing Veteran Owned Websites in it's category. 

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10/19/19  RTF2- Rough Textured Feel Glocks AKA Fish Gill Glocks.

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Put a gun on Layaway for the New Year!!!

One of our best programs has been our Layaway program. We offer Layaway on all of our in stock guns with just 20% down, Text for further details.

We accept offers and trades, and on occasion will purchase your guns outright.  Please remember when trading we try not to sell at retail, so we can't give you a wholesale deal and offer you retail on your trade, we will generally offer approximately 25-30% under retail. 


We ALWAYS accept Silver, Gold, Palladium, and Platinum in bar, coin, or bullion form at spot.  We will on occasion take gold jewelry on trade, but it will generally be at melt or scrap value.



We will only be selling harmless AR Upper and Lower Receivers


Due to i1639 Haynes and Sons Guns will no longer be selling, for the most part, AR15's.  We will be selling upper and lower receivers, and if you decide to buy a combo for a discount and later assemble the two, that is between you and the Lord.  But as far as the State is concerned that will be only a Federal NICS check with no waiting period, no extra fee's, no needed class.  The ATF and NICS have agreed that WA residents will be able to purchase lower receivers for the next year until Washington state is able to make provisions for the transfer.  Please respect our wishes to no longer sell this deadly and evil weapon, and only to sell harmless receivers.  Thank you for your support.


About Us


We are Family

We hold the values of family and service to our nation very high.  We are a Veteran owned company, and family run.  You will frequently see Jason (Dad) Mike (Son) Becca (Daughter) Isaac (Son) and Jeanette (Wife) selling, Mike and Jason building guns, and Jeanette and  Becca running the behind the scenes books and finances.  We began this business to assist with Jeanette in college, and now that she has graduated, it goes to pay Mike, Nick, Becca, and Isaac's tuition.


Thank You for Your Service

We come from a long line of Veterans, First Responders, and Police.  We celebrate community service.  All Military- active or veteran, all police, all fire, and all first responders including ER and Crisis Workers will receive 5% off and $10 transfers.  Thank you for your Service.


Now Buying Glocks and Glock Stuff!!!


We are looking for older Glock stuff like magazines, boxes/cases, manuals, loaders, and anything Glock.  Mostly looking for preban or Gen 1 stuff but you never know.  If you have some older Glock stuff shoot us a pic or make an appointment today.  TEXT (509)475-8125.


We buy collectible Glocks and regular old Glocks.  Text us today and get an idea of what price range you may be able to get on trade for your gun.  We are always looking for Gen 1 17's, 19's, 17L's and 17LP or 17LC models, we will offer you the best we can for Gen 1 models especially the Gen 1 19, if you have one we will pay you a premium in cash on it!  We will buy cases and manuals and magazines  from the 80's as well.  We can describe these over the phone or text to make sure you have the right ones.  A few of the models we are looking for are RTF2C Fish Gill models, of any model, these would be a compensated model with curved rear serrations.  We are always looking for RTF2 Fish Gill models, as well as any "C" or compensated models, Gen 2 and up with preference given to Gen 2's.  We are interested on any 10th, 20th, or 25th Anniversary models.  We are interested in any of the Cutaway models, with preference given to Gen 1's and 2's.  We are always looking for Gen 1 and 2 "P" or "C" models especially those in 17L or 24C, but we will also take interest in any 17L or 24 you may have.  We also would be interested in the Model 21SF with the Ambi mag release and Picatinny Rail.  Also interested in any model RTF1.  Any may be interested in any special edition models such as Olympic Security etc.  Thank you for taking a look, if you have a Glock and want to sell it and see what we will offer you, please don't hesitate to text (509)475-8125.  We aren't buying normal Glocks for new prices, but we will try to offer fair trade in value, we aren't particularly fond of .40's but will take them in on occasion.  We generally will not buy a glock with any internal modification or stippling, exceptions can be made of course, for instance we love factory ZEV guns...

Thanks for looking.

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We love our customers, so feel free to text literally ANY time!  I can't stress this enough, PLEASE text, don't waste your time by calling, if it can be handled in a text please do so.

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