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The Power of Prayer...

So my last post was a little angry, and I apologize for that, here's a little something better.  Now I understand some don't believe in the Bible, so bear with me for a minute.  In the New Testament Christ was asked what the most important commandment was, the answer, obviously, was to love thy God with all thy heart.  The second most important commandment was a little more of a stretch, it wasn't not to murder or steal, it was to love thy neighbor as thy self.  Was this a mistake?  Was this a misprint?  No, and the reason was that Christ knew how important that was.  He wasn't just talking about your neighbor, however if you read my last couple posts, you would know how important that was.  What he was talking about was to love all men, and women.  There in lies the rub, we can think that is an easy task, we can think about how easy that is, but what about when a coworker says something that makes you angry, what about when that Subaru cut's you off for the third time, what about when someone you know continues to talk about politics that you don't agree with?  This becomes harder and reality sets in.  The argument in my head goes something like this; "Look, God want's me to love my neighbor, thats fine, but that woman just said there is no place for guns in the civilized world!  He has got to make an exception right?"  Well, funny story, God knew what he was talking about.  We need to love our neighbors, no matter what, no matter if they are angry, or selfish, or heaven forbid, even if they are Liberal!  God still wants us to love our neighbor, the guy who lives next door and walks around without a shirt on all day and night, the Subaru who cuts you off every day on the way to work, even that lady who doesn't believe in guns or to the right to self defense.  We have an obligation to love EVERY ONE, its pretty specific, it doesn't say tolerate them, it doesn't say smile and picture clubbing them like a harp seal, it says to love them.  I have a ton to work on in this area, loving my fellow man, even the ones that I disagree with, even the ones that offend me, even the ones that I want to club like a harp seal.  It will be then, when mankind can find the concept of love with someone that he hates, or fears, or disagree's with.  Then maybe we can stop fighting on Facebook, then maybe we can stop talking behind peoples backs, then maybe we can stop saying hateful, spiteful things to each other, and learn to live with one another.  Maybe mankind isn't lost, maybe we can live together, maybe we can see peace in our time.  It's nice to think about.  So tomorrow, or even today, say a kind word to someone who definitely doesn't deserve it, compliment that guy or lady on their shoes or their hair, because they put some thought into it, say an extra hello, offer an extra smile...  One more important thing, Christ NEVER said only if they love you back!  Even if that person scoffs at you, even if that Subaru flips you off, even if that Liberal tells you that you are wrong, just smile, and what ever you do, do NOT let that image of you clubbing them like a harp seal enter your mind!  

To those concerned and who champion the valiant Harp Seal, I would never club one, so don't worry Becca.

Please Take Care,

Please Stay Vigilant,

God Bless this Nation and it’s President, President Donald Trump

With God on our Side, Long live the Republic.

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We will only be selling harmless AR Upper and Lower Receivers


Due to i1639 Haynes and Sons Guns will no longer be selling, for the most part, AR15's.  We will be selling upper and lower receivers, and if you decide to buy a combo for a discount and later assemble the two, that is between you and the Lord.  But as far as the State is concerned that will be only a Federal NICS check with no waiting period, no extra fee's, no needed class.  The ATF and NICS have agreed that WA residents will be able to purchase lower receivers for the next year until Washington state is able to make provisions for the transfer.  Please respect our wishes to no longer sell this deadly and evil weapon, and only to sell harmless receivers.  Thank you for your support.


About Us


We are Family

We hold the values of family and service to our nation very high.  We are a Veteran owned company, and family run.  You will frequently see Jason (Dad) Mike (Son) Becca (Daughter) Isaac (Son) and Jeanette (Wife) selling, Mike and Jason building guns, and Jeanette and  Becca running the behind the scenes books and finances.  We began this business to assist with Jeanette in college, and now that she has graduated, it goes to pay Mike, Nick, Becca, and Isaac's tuition.


Thank You for Your Service

We come from a long line of Veterans, First Responders, and Police.  We celebrate community service.  All Military- active or veteran, all police, all fire, and all first responders including ER and Crisis Workers will receive 5% off and $10 transfers.  Thank you for your Service.


Now Buying Glocks and Glock Stuff!!!


We are looking for older Glock stuff like magazines, boxes/cases, manuals, loaders, and anything Glock.  Mostly looking for preban or Gen 1 stuff but you never know.  If you have some older Glock stuff shoot us a pic or make an appointment today.  TEXT (509)475-8125.


We buy collectible Glocks and regular old Glocks.  Text us today and get an idea of what price range you may be able to get on trade for your gun.  We are always looking for Gen 1 17's, 19's, 17L's and 17LP or 17LC models, we will offer you the best we can for Gen 1 models especially the Gen 1 19, if you have one we will pay you a premium in cash on it!  We will buy cases and manuals and magazines  from the 80's as well.  We can describe these over the phone or text to make sure you have the right ones.  A few of the models we are looking for are RTF2C Fish Gill models, of any model, these would be a compensated model with curved rear serrations.  We are always looking for RTF2 Fish Gill models, as well as any "C" or compensated models, Gen 2 and up with preference given to Gen 2's.  We are interested on any 10th, 20th, or 25th Anniversary models.  We are interested in any of the Cutaway models, with preference given to Gen 1's and 2's.  We are always looking for Gen 1 and 2 "P" or "C" models especially those in 17L or 24C, but we will also take interest in any 17L or 24 you may have.  We also would be interested in the Model 21SF with the Ambi mag release and Picatinny Rail.  Also interested in any model RTF1.  Any may be interested in any special edition models such as Olympic Security etc.  Thank you for taking a look, if you have a Glock and want to sell it and see what we will offer you, please don't hesitate to text (509)475-8125.  We aren't buying normal Glocks for new prices, but we will try to offer fair trade in value, we aren't particularly fond of .40's but will take them in on occasion.  We generally will not buy a glock with any internal modification or stippling, exceptions can be made of course, for instance we love factory ZEV guns...

Thanks for looking.

Look for Summer Sale Prices; Glocks Now on Sale!!!

Glocks on Sale Now!!!

One of our best programs has been our Layaway program. We offer Layaway on all of our in stock guns with just 20% down, Text for further details.

We accept offers and trades, and on occasion will purchase your guns outright.  Please remember when trading we try not to sell at retail, so we can't give you a wholesale deal and offer you retail on your trade, we will generally offer approximately 25-30% under retail. 


We ALWAYS accept Silver, Gold, Palladium, and Platinum in bar, coin, or bullion form at spot.  We will on occasion take gold jewelry on trade, but it will generally be at melt or scrap value.

Contact Us

We operate by Appointment ONLY. Text (509)475-8125 for questions, appointments, or offers.

We love our customers, so feel free to text literally ANY time!  I can't stress this enough, PLEASE text, don't waste your time by calling, if it can be handled in a text please do so.

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By Appointment


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