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I am an American Infidel...

I looked up the definition of Infidel, it is "a person who does not believe in religion or who adheres to a religion other than one's own."

synonyms: unbeliever, disbeliever, nonbeliever, heathen, pagan, idolater, idolatress, heretic, 

Let me first say that I don't particularly care what your religion says, or what you do to support it, until you hurt others, then I will start to disagree.  If you are of a religion that tells you to kill others because of who they are, who they believe in, or who they love, then I will oppose you with full force.  If you bring it to the media, I will go to the media, if you bring it to the streets I will take it to the streets.  What Is brewing is not a difference of opinion, it is an invasion.  Differences of opinion don't blow up other churches, differences of opinion don't throw a 5 year old boy off of a 3 story mall, differences of opinion don't hurt innocents.  

This is an invasion, and I am not just talking about Muslim's, because we are seeing our economy eroded from the South, we are seeing our politics and beliefs being eroded from the North, and we are seeing our religious belief system being eroded from the Middlle East.  The problem is, while they are pouring over our borders from the South, and condemning us from the North, and literally blowing us up from the Middle East, we are asking them nicely to stop it.  Oddly enough; it's not working.

Well, I am a believer.  I believe in a few things, I believe that my God sent down his only begotten son and that He died for me.  I believe that a God that asks you to die to prove your faith is weak, and of poor substance.  I believe that you can love whoever you want, and I won't stone you in the streets or throw you off a building, I may come over and have some wedding cake from you two fella's though.  I believe that a SIGNIFICANT part of my life is my wife, my equal (or better most times) that as a strong independent woman she can do or say anything she pleases.  I believe that a god who cowers from strong women is a weak and pitiful god.    I believe in raising my children correctly, with good morals and beliefs, that they don't have to cater to fashion or trends to form their identity, that a strong mind, a strong back, and a strong will can accomplish all you need in life.  I don't hide behind women or children, I am a man, I am the protector, I will never cower behind them, or use them as a human shield.  I don't believe in marrying them at the age of 9 is correct, and any god that would promote this is a fantasy of a sick mind.  I believe it is my duty to steer my children through the muck that is society, and offer a beacon when life gets confusing.  I believe that I do this not by idle words or prayers, but by living my life as an example as best I can.

I am a believer.  I believe that we as American's have a responsibility to live as an example to the world, we have been given opportunity and freedom, and where much is given, much is expected (by the way I got that from the Bible, not Stan Lee, but he said it very well too).

The time for words is coming short, I do believe in the future our faith will be tested, that it will be the time for deeds and actions.  I believe in preparing;  DONT wait another week to take your significant other to the range, don't wait another week to teach your children how to properly use and maintain a firearm.  Don't wait another week to stand for what you believe in; whether that means reading another verse, singing another hymn, attending another worship, buying more ammo, or buying your family their own firearms.

On this Easter Sunday I was saddened to hear of the attack in Sri Lanka, I am saddened by all of the bombings and fires and desecrations of churches, holy places, and places of worship.  This only strengthens my belief that the time is coming swiftly.  Do they have to burn your church?  Do they have to desecrate and condemn your family?  Do they have to take from you that which you love in order for you to stand and be counted among those that believe?

Take Care,

Stay Vigilant,

God Bless President Trump,

Long live the Republic,

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